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You CAN Homeschool Successfully! 

 I'm here to help.


"I found out about this book through a homeschool FB page when I was thinking of withdrawing my 3rd grader from public school. The author talks about her journey and why she chose to homeschool her children. She also provides motivating advice as to why you can homeschool too. Deciding to homeschool when you’re not an educator by trade was scary and the author proves to you that you do not need to be a teacher to teach your children. This book was very helpful and helped me in a time when I was unsure if homeschooling was for us! Two months in and we’re loving homeschooling!"

- Bobbie


"I am new to homeschooling and have been reading as many books about it as possible. There are lots of great practical books but few that really buildup and instill confidence. Homeschooling: You CAN Do It! is definitely a confidence builder. Kirsten tells wonderful personal stories about her journey and gives some practical tips too. The testimonials section in the back is my favorite because I can not get enough hearing about family's experience with Homeschooling. Definitely worth the read!" - Ashely

"This book was published right when I first started considering homeschooling, so the timing was perfect. Kirsten answered so many of my questions, including some I hadn't even thought to ask! I really enjoyed reading the testimonials from other homeschooling parents at the end of the book. It helped me to see that homeschooling can work for just about any family. I feel much more confident moving forward with my decision after reading this book!" - Jennifer L.

"This book is very well written with tons of research put into it. The book shows statistics to help you understand and bust some homeschool myths. It goes from reasons to homeschool to solid advice on where to start and why to join organizations like the HSLDA. A very helpful book!"

- Tara

You're not alone. 

Let me help you navigate this decision and journey. I'm going into my 10th year of homeschooling, and through my book, I lay out for you everything you need to know to get started and live out the rest of your life while homeschooling. I also have a FB group for support where you can reach me with any questions.  Homeschooling can feel overwhelming, but together we can create a joyful, meaningful experience for you and your children!



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