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Kirsten McTernan is a homeschool mom of four boys, and author of the book, Homeschooling: You CAN Do It!, which hit the #1 New Release category on Amazon and was featured on ABC, CBS and NBC. 

She began homeschooling in 2011, when her oldest was in 2nd grade.  She initially doubted her ability to homeschool, but ended up loving it! Years later, she is helping moms like her to recognize their God-given potential and give them the encouragement and tools they need to successfully homeschool.  Kirsten has a heart for helping moms, no matter where they are on life's journey. 

About the Book
Why I wrote Homeschooling: You CAN Do It!

God put it on my heart to write this book after interacting with many moms who were in the same position I once was in.  They weren't satisfied with the conventional schools, but doubted their ability to homeschool successfully.  It was a giant leap for me to homeschool at first, but after nine years of experience, I can say the benefits far outweigh anything that was preventing me from doing it in the first place! 

I wanted to give readers a book that I would have loved to receive when I first started out—a book that would understand my fears, but alleviate me of them because it would easily show me the way with practical steps and resources.

I would have wanted one practical guidebook that would help me understand the homeschool lingo ("are you Charlotte Mason or Classical" anyone?!) and share specific, true-to-life examples. 


I have included all of this in the book and more!  It has been a blessing for me to hear such uplifting feedback since its release in 2018.


"I bought a copy for my sister in law. She was thinking maybe she could homeschool her youngest but her older son has autism and she felt she never could. It was a “no go” topic. Today she said she finished reading your book and loved it! She went from being unsure about homeschooling her youngest, to being fired up about homeschooling her 9 yo autistic son!"

- Carrie

"Hi! Just finished your book! I read it in 2 days… and that’s fast for life with 3 kiddos. :) This book was seriously STRAIGHT from the arms of God. I have been praying and seeking God for what he has for our family vision… and the first thing you talk about is what? Family vision! Not only did you encourage me, but you also gave me so much practical advice and that’s exactly what I needed! So again, thank you!"

- Brooke

"Wow! Informative, resourceful, and answers all the questions a new parent considering homeschool could think of. I feel so ready, eager, and prepared to start homeschooling my 2 children. Great resource!"

- Jelani

"Both veteran homeschooling families and those just getting started will benefit from reading this book. I’ve been a homeschooling mom for 19 years, yet I found this book encouraging and informative. It is simple, straightforward and chock full of helpful information and resources. New homeschoolers will find the book thorough yet not overwhelming. Experienced homeschoolers will find nuggets of wisdom in these pages that they can take away and implement as well. This is a book I wish had been available when I first started homeschooling!"

- Kimberly

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